More Than a Sunday Faith review – Chapter 4

516azsgqv0l-_sx322_bo1204203200_Having defined a biblical worldview and argued for it being superior to any competing worldview, including a “Christian lifestyle”, Suitt draws the first part of the book to a close with an ultimatum of sorts: Trust yourself, trust the world, or trust Jesus. Which will it be? For we do not have the option to “sit this one out”. By making “no choice”, we by default choose the option of trusting ourselves, because it is our own counsel that tells us “no choice” is not only a valid choice but the best one.

One of the gems from this little book is the repeated refrain: “We become the choices we make.” This pithy expression has wide application, and no less so in the matter of what or whom we will follow in our everyday decision-making process. If we choose to follow Jesus as our leader and master (“as Lord”, in the language of the Bible), we will become like Him. If we instead follow our own ways, we will become like them. Psalm 135 puts it very well.

Jesus Himself did not do or say anything without first checking it with His heavenly Father (John 5:19, 8:28, 12:49). Thus, if we are to follow Him, we must do the same. For if we do not take steps to actively shape our worldview, it will be shaped for us — primarily by the lies of Satan, our enemy and the prince of this world. And there is much that will distract us from our intention to follow Jesus!

Choosing to turn to anything besides Jesus Christ in the face of life’s challenges is the very definition of “sin”. By definition, then, sin separates us from Jesus, severing our connection to the source of life. This is why the result of sin is death. And there is no hierarchy here, no “better” or “worse” sins — all sin leads to death, and choosing anything other than Jesus is sin.

The wonderful truth of the message of good news Jesus came to earth to deliver (the “gospel”, in the language of the Bible) is that we have been set free by Jesus — past tense (Galatians 5:1). It is already done. The choice is ours to believe in Jesus and His message of freedom already achieved and then live like we mean it. Will I walk today in the freedom Jesus has already won for me — freedom to do right and follow Him in every thought, word, and deed; free access to His life — or will I go back to a slavery to self or others, cut off from true life and never able to truly thrive?

Thus again the “ultimatum”: Trust myself, trust the world, or trust Jesus. Which will it be?

And assuming I choose the Way of Jesus, how exactly do I take steps to follow Him? We will turn to that question in the second section of the book.

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