Welcome to the Discipled Life

I have updated the name and URL of my blog to better reflect the current stage of my journey through life. “The Way of the Warrior” was a helpful word picture for me a few years ago and, when I was more involved in the martial arts, was a good representation of where I was. This was also a period of a lot of internal struggle I was engaged in.

But my interest in fighting has largely gone away. This has been a internal change as well. Over the last few years, I have stopped resisting and fighting against my Good Friend and the path he is leading me along. Having found him to be completely trustworthy and his way far better than my own, I now go with him willingly wherever he leads, as best as I am able, learning what it means to be his disciple. I am still a warrior, but now I am focused on “fighting the good fight” using Jesus’ strength instead of my own. And thus a needed change from the “way of the warrior” to the “discipled life”.

As my friend Reepicheep encourages me, “Come further up and further in.” And so I shall. Hope you’ll take the trip with me!

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Mysteries of Twitter Finally Revealed


As a former IT professional, I know all about the need to fake-it-until-you-make-it when it comes to new technologies. I almost always know about new tech. I’m just not always sure what it’s good for. Part of the reason I left IT as a career is that it was simply too much change to keep up with. I started always to feel like I was just a bit behind everyone else and not quite clued in on all the new stuff that I wasn’t quite ready to embrace yet.

Twitter has been another such technology for me. Like the corkscrew on a 12-year-old’s Swiss Army knife, Twitter has been this incredibly appealing and highly visible tool–and I had no idea what I would use it for.

I signed up for Twitter about a year ago. I can’t remember what exactly prompted me to do so, but I know it had something to do with me feeling like I was missing out on something important. I was greeted by some of my friends when I joined, I started getting a few followers, and my entry into the Twitterverse was even hailed by one friend as something noteworthy. (more…)

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