2017-04-26: Prayer, Promise, Mercy, Lord

Today I read:

  • Genesis 18
  • Psalm 22
  • James 5
  • Matthew 16

My meditation was: What does this passage reveal about God? Why would God want to reveal it to me?

God loves to promise us good things and then deliver! He promises blessing to Sarai and mercy to Abraham, and shares his thoughts and plans with Abraham as with a friend (Genesis 18). God is not stand-offish. In fact, he is full of tenderness and mercy (James 5:11). He wants to be intimately involved in our lives; he wants to hear from us about everything! (James 15:13ff)

And when he pray, he hears us and responds (Psalm 22). He does not operate on our timetable, but he is not forever silent or (apparently) inactive.

The greatest example of our Father’s mercy and tenderness is Jesus himself, whom he sent to be in our midst, who chose to become just like us so that we could relate to him. But make no mistake: Jesus is no pushover! He is most definitely in charge. He is the Lord, the Boss, and he demands everything from us (Matthew 16). Even in this, though, his great mercy and compassion is evident, because he demands our all so that we might trade in our tired brokenness for his limitless supply of never-ending life.

I have learned a lot by watching how people I admire operate in different situations. Having observed behavior that I respect, I do my best to emulate it.

It’s the same with God. Scripture shows this peculiar mix of character traits in God: merciful yet demanding, tender yet stern, wonderful to behold yet too wonderful to look at. I don’t fully understand how God works or even who he is. But I learn a lot by seeing how he operates in different situations, and I am instructed to be more like him in every way. Jesus is especially challenging in this regard because sometimes I do not understand at all why he does what he does. Nevertheless, I have known him long enough to know that he is unfailingly good. So I pay close attention to him, hoping that through long familiarity I will be able to learn to be like him in more and more.

Why would God want to reveal this to me today? It is a good reminder that he is the one to watch, the one to keep my attention focused on. By doing so, he keeps me in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3) and promises that I will one day be just like him. That is something worth working toward today and every day. 🙂

Jeff Herron

Homeschooling dad of two boys. Husband of one terrific woman. Disciple of and disciple maker for Jesus. My cup runneth over!