2017-04-07: Rescue

Today I read:

  • Genesis 14
  • Psalm 18:1-24
  • James 1
  • Matthew 12

My meditation was:

  • How do these different passages complement, add to, enlighten, or even confuse each other?

A common theme that emerged right away was that of rescue.

  • Abram rescues Lot from foreign captivity.
  • The Psalm selection could be Lot’s prayer during his capture, as well as a description of his rescue by God via Abram.
  • James encourages his reader to see the joy in trials of all kinds, because our endurance grows during such times, and it is having this endurance that defines maturity. It is one of the tools the Lord uses to rescue us from our sin — we simply get better at resisting it!
  • Jesus heals many, rescuing them from their bondage. He goes on to warn his listeners to remain free from further (and worse) slavery to sin by rightly acknowledging and responding to God’s work in the world through his Holy Spirit.

Another lesser theme is that of family.

  • In Genesis, Lot is rescued by his uncle, Abram. Abram proves himself truly family to Lot through his heroic actions and efforts on his behalf.
  • In Matthew, Jesus instructs his disciples that any who do the will of his Father are his true family. Loving obedience is thicker than blood!

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Tea and Coffee with Reed

Our two boys are very different people, and they’ve been that way as far back as I can remember. Kent is more cautious and detail-oriented, tends toward perfectionism, is more introverted and (relatively) quieter. Reed flies by the seat of his pants, cannot sit still, loves to interact with others, and talks and talks and talks, regardless of whether there’s anyone around to talk to. It is amazing to see them both growing into young men, and fascinating to observe how the personalities they were born with continue to evolve and mature under our watchful eye.

Darah and I are reading an excellent little book right now, Different Children, Different Needs. These two very different children need different things from us as they grow and develop, and we are seeing positive results already from just the mere discussion of this reality with the boys.


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