2017-04-26: Prayer, Promise, Mercy, Lord

Today I read:

  • Genesis 18
  • Psalm 22
  • James 5
  • Matthew 16

My meditation was: What does this passage reveal about God? Why would God want to reveal it to me?

God loves to promise us good things and then deliver! He promises blessing to Sarai and mercy to Abraham, and shares his thoughts and plans with Abraham as with a friend (Genesis 18). God is not stand-offish. In fact, he is full of tenderness and mercy (James 5:11). He wants to be intimately involved in our lives; he wants to hear from us about everything! (James 15:13ff)

And when he pray, he hears us and responds (Psalm 22). He does not operate on our timetable, but he is not forever silent or (apparently) inactive. (more…)

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